A detailed UX/UI case study


  1. The Challenge
  2. The Discovery
  3. The Design
  4. The Deliverable

Jump straight into the final prototype.


No Running App is Apt

As a keen sports technophile, I love testing the latest shoes, apps and gizmos that allow me to run faster and longer. Over the years, I’ve used every running app out there but now stick to my trusty FitBit as no app experience truly fit the bill.

Shoes that Feed the Sole

On is a fast-growing running company. …

A detailed UX/UI case study

Surf’s App!

Aboard is a ride-sharing mobile application that helps surfers get to the beach with their boards, check forecasts and even rent boards.


  1. The Process
  2. The Discovery
  3. The Design
  4. The Deliverable

Dive straight into the final prototype.


As the sole UX/UI designer, I designed the product from conception to final deliverable through research, ideation, testing and iteration.

A detailed UX/UI case study


  1. The Client
  2. The Process
  3. The Discovery
  4. The Re:Design
  5. The Deliverable

Busy day? No stress. Here’s the final prototype (press esc and find the instructions in the comments).


Healthy habits are hard to come by in this age of cheap dopamine snacks. Enter Re:Mind, a startup dedicated to adding more mindful habits to people’s lives via a vibrating bracelet and accompanying reminder app.
In this 2.5 week design sprint, our 3 person team was tasked with:

1) Testing/iterating the UX/UI of the current app

2) Designing a way for the app to sync to the wearable…

I Tell Her Only Partly, I Only Love My Fats And My Protein

Goodbye Noch’s

Eating is voting. Whether we eat to support the environment, human labour, animal or personal wellbeing, we get to express our values on our plates.⁣⁣

I get questioned all the time about what I eat. I eat to prioritise performance over pleasure. After a process of elimination, my diet largely boils down to meat, nuts and greens. The macros make it something sort of like a modified ketogenic diet.⁣⁣

Disclaimer: I’m not one for fad diets and I’m not here to proselytize. My sole credential is a food seminar I took at Harvard where I learned that nutritionists know as…

Max Mondelli

UX Design Strategist at outfly.io Follow me on Instagram @nobrains_nogains

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